How Our Lanterns Work


Our Harmony Lanterns consist of two main parts; the lamp itself shown on the left, and an insert , shown below, which is inserted into the lamp. The two combine to create a moving light show on the paper walls of the lamp. Click here to see a video of a Harmony Lantern in motion. or Check us out on Evening Magazine!

The lamp consists of a wooden frame holding rice paper sheets within the frame. The rice paper is translucent, allowing the light to dance around the room. All crafted by hand with 100% natural material.

We have over 50 inserts to choose from and each insert comes in purple, green, red and blue with some exceptions. Black is also available in some patterns. The two parts combined make one lantern.

The heat from the light bulb in the lamp rises through the vents at the top of the insert and causes it to turn, casting light through the colorful insert. As it is hand cut, each pattern is unique.

Some people prefer to purchase additional inserts for variety. You can get additional inserts now or as the years go by. We also provide replacement lamps without inserts, should the need arise.






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